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dot Short Answers to Tough Questions

[Editor's note: Leon wrote these, not I. If you wish to compliment, discuss, or (especially) gripe about them, please send email to Leon, not me.]

This is a series of short answers to tough questions posed to Christians. Since about 1981, Leon Mauldin has conducted radio broadcasts using the Question and Answer format. The following is a representative sample of the questions he has received on a variety of topics, with callers from diverse backgrounds. It is Leon's desire that the research he has done on these questions will be helpful to you. Currently, he hosts a 30 minute Q&A program each Sunday morning at 7:15 on WFMH 101.1, a 100,000 watt FM station in Cullman, Alabama.

The questions and answers below are all © Copyright, Leon Mauldin, 1994-2007, and all publishing rights are reserved. However, Leon has given express permission for this material to be used both here, and in any fashion which is for the advancement of the Gospel of Christ, but not for any party's financial gain.

Short version: Take it and use it, but don't sell it or claim it.


  • How can it be wrong to smoke pot, since God gave us every seed producing plant to do with as we see fit? [Answer]
  • What is your religious affiliation and background? [Answer]
  • Why do you not believe that preachers are called to preach? [Answer]
  • Question: I understand the chapter and verse divisions in the Bible are not part of the original text. When were these divisions made, and who made them? [Answer]
  • Please explain what is meant by the promise of a new heaven and a new earth. [Answer]
  • In Leviticus 11:6, how is that the hare, with its single stomach, is here classified with animals that "chew the cud"? [Answer]
  • Comment on the claim that Jesus speaks to some people today, either audibly, or by making a "mental impression on them"? [Answer]
  • Do you think the world is coming to an end very soon? [Answer]
  • Will the US fall before Jesus comes? [Answer]
  • What does the Bible say about abortion? [Answer]
  • Why did God command Abraham to sacrifice his son; why did God not tell him to give up his wealth instead? [Answer]
  • What about those who are born with a mental deficiency such that they do not become accountable. Are such in need of baptism; salvation? [Answer]
  • Explain Acts 19 [Answer]
  • Redefining Adultery [Part 1]
  • Redefining Adultery [Part 2]
  • In the Bible, when the word "wine" is used does it mean real wine or grape juice? Which is the Biblical meaning? Which is to be served during the Lord's Supper? [Answer]
  • Is it wrong to work in a store that sells cooking Sherry? Alcoholics come in to buy it. Can God forgive me if I keep on working there? [Answer]
  • What are alms? [Answer]
  • Angels - their origin and nature [Answer]
  • Who is the Antichrist and when will he come? [Answer]
  • Do you believe "once saved, always saved"? [Answer]
  • "Where is the scripture about the 12 apostles being baptized?" [Answer]
  • After Armageddon will heaven come to earth? [Answer]
  • What is Ash Wednesday? [Answer]
  • Is there a true atheist? What is the difference between an atheist and a non-believer? [Answer]
  • How do you answer a person that says, "I don't have to go to church to be a Christian. I'm as good as any of the preachers, deacons, elders, that I know." [Answer]
  • Who built the tower of Babel? What was their purpose or intention? What time period was this? [Answer]
  • Why spend so much time discussing baptism? [Answer]
  • Is baptism sprinkling or immersion? [Answer]
  • Is there a baptismal formula that must be recited when one is baptized? [Answer]
  • What does the 7-headed beast of Revelation mean? [Answer]
  • Will the mark of the beast come before or after the rapture? [Answer]
  • Identify the head who received the death stroke that was healed: [Answer]
  • Should we take the Bible literally? Some say yes, some say no. If yes, what about discoveries science has made? If no, how do we know what's literal and what isn't? [Answer]
  • How Can We Know That The Bible Is Really The Word Of God? [Answer]
  • How old is the Bible? [Answer]
  • I've heard it said that we don't have all the Bible; is that true? [Answer]
  • Who translated the Greek Bible? [Answer]
  • Is the text of the Bible reliable? [Answer]
  • Does translation affect inspiration? [Answer]
  • What is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? (Matt. 12) [Answer]
  • Where did Cain get his wife? (Genesis 4:17) [Answer]
  • What about capital punishment? [Answer]
  • Did Catholics change the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday? [Answer]
  • If you are married to a non-believer but you are a believer and you have 3 kids, what religion would my kids believe? [Answer]
  • What about the observance of Christmas? [Answer]
  • Is it scriptural for the church to provide baby-sitting service for such events as "mothers' day out"? [Answer]
  • What about contradictions in the Bible? [Answer]
  • What does the Bible say about cremation? [Answer]
  • Why is it wrong to dance? [Answer]
  • Are the 7 days when God created the earth the same as our days? [Answer]
  • What are the duties of deacons? [Answer]
  • Does God have a certain time for every one to die? [Answer]
  • Does it matter which denomination you're in to go to heaven? [Answer]
  • Which churches are man-made? Which churches are the right ones to go to? [Answer]
  • Was the devil kicked out of heaven before or after the flood? [Answer]
  • Why did God let Satan live and let sin go on? He is capable of it. [Answer]
  • Does the Bible talk about dinosaurs? [Answer]
  • What is discernment? [Answer]
  • If a person is divorced without Biblical reason, what should that person do to rectify the situation? [Answer]
  • What did Jesus say about a bill of divorcement: at the beginning? Later on disciples said of account of hardness of heart a bill of divorce could be written. [Answer]
  • Discuss Lent and Easter. [Answer]
  • Is it right to pay an elder? Have you ever heard of it? If so where can it be found? [Answer]
  • Where does church get authority for voting on its elders, pastors, deacons, etc.? [Answer]
  • What are the duties of the church to the elders? [Answer]
  • Please explain the gifts listed in Ephesians 4:11-15. [Answer]
  • Is evolution totally wrong? [Answer]
  • Is fasting right or wrong? [Answer]
  • Would you deal with the subject of the washing of feet as an act of worship in church services? [Answer]
  • Explain any multiple meanings of the term "fornication." [Answer]
  • Will pre-marital sex send me to hell? [Answer]
  • What does the Bible teach about gambling? [Answer]
  • What do you have to give up in order to become a Christian? [Answer]
  • Can the existance of God be proven without the Bible? [Answer]
  • Where did God come from? [Answer]
  • Is there anything God cannot do? [Answer]
  • Do you believe long hair is a sin? [Answer]
  • After we leave this world (this life) where will we go to live--in heaven or on earth? Does the Bible say what it will be like? [Answer]
  • Will We Know One Another in Heaven? [Answer]
  • Are there degrees of punishment in hell and degrees of reward in heaven? [Answer]
  • Explain Acts 19:2 concerning the receiving of the Holy Ghost. [Answer]
  • How can I know that the Holy Ghost is in me? I attended a revival...and I don't feel the urge to jump around. [Answer]
  • Homosexuality in the Bible [Answer]
  • Homosexuality in the world [Answer]
  • Explain the 7 horses in Revelation. [Answer]
  • Comment on the Bible's statement that no adulterers/idolaters will go to heaven. [Answer]
  • Explain Isa. 25:12. "And the high fortress of thy walls hath he brought down, laid low, and brought to the ground, even to the dust." [Answer]
  • What is the book of Jashar? [Answer]
  • Why did Jesus have to die? [Answer]
  • Did Satan win at the cross? (He killed Jesus). Jesus went to hell for the time between the cross and the resurrection. Then Jesus defeated Satan at the resurrection? [Answer]
  • Did Jesus have any brothers and sisters? What ever happened to Joseph, his father? [Answer]
  • Are there historical references to Jesus in non-Biblical writings? [Answer]
  • Do you believe Jews will go to hell for not believing Jesus has come? [Answer]
  • Explain John 3:13 [Answer]
  • What did Jesus mean when He said, "You can do all I can and even better"? Something about you have the power of the one that sent me. [Answer]
  • Please discuss the doctrinal beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses. [Answer]
  • Is the Living Bible truth of God's message? [Answer]
  • What is the Biblical basis for offering or observing the Lord's Supper twice on Sunday? [Answer]
  • Parents sometimes disapprove of children's mate. Why? [Answer]
  • What are the rules on how a husband should treat his wife? Should a woman put up with anything if her husband is not fornicating? (i.e. alcoholism, gambling, beating her or the children) [Answer]
  • Why do priests choose not to marry? Is it scriptural? [Answer]
  • What is a martyr? [Answer]
  • Bible speaks of turning the other cheek--does this mean standing up for yourself in self-defense is a sin? [Answer]
  • What does the Bible teach regarding miracles? Is it true, as some claim, that miracles are happening every day? [Answer]
  • (In the book of James) Why the people don't call for the elders and anoint them in oil any more? [Answer]
  • How many times is the word mother mentioned in the Bible? [Answer]
  • Is all rock music against God? [Answer]
  • Which O.T. laws apply today? [Answer]
  • Explain John 18:28: "But they themselves did not go into the Praetorium, lest they should be defiled, but that they might eat the Passover." If Passover had already been observed, how could this passage speak of the leaders' precautions that were made that they might eat the Passover? [Answer]
  • What does the Bible mean by "Pentecost"? [Answer]
  • What about praying for those who have died? [Answer]
  • How can a person praise the Lord? Explain the verse that says to lift up hands and praise the Lord. [Answer]
  • Does God hear and answer the prayer of an unsaved person? [Answer]
  • Is it scriptural for the church to provide a house for the preacher to live in? [Answer]
  • Do Christians have premonitions? [Answer]
  • What does the Bible say about cursing? [Answer]
  • Please explain the origin of races. [Answer]
  • Why do preachers in the church of Christ refuse to be called "Reverend?" [Answer]
  • What does remission of sin mean? [Answer]
  • What does it mean to have a reprobate mind? [Answer]
  • What is righteousness? [Answer]
  • Please discuss the role of Christians in the world today. [Answer]
  • Who are the ministers of God in Romans 13? [Answer]
  • Do you have to be a church member to be saved? [Answer]
  • What is the definition of sanctification? [Answer]
  • If I am a Satanic worshipper would God accept my plea of forgiveness? [Answer]
  • Which is worse: killing 15 people or stealing a piece of bubble gum? Now, who will pay for those sins? [Answer]
  • Eph.5:11,12: How does this apply to a Christian today? [Answer]
  • Please explain sinless perfection. [Answer]
  • Why is Jesus sometimes referred to as the Son of Man and sometimes the Son of God? [Answer]
  • Why do some people have to suffer? Is it because they have sinned in the past? [Answer]
  • Does God forgive people who commit suicide? [Answer]
  • Who put the thorn in Paul's flesh and why? [Answer]
  • Do you feel that chewing tobacco or dipping snuff is wrong? [Answer]
  • Can there be speaking in tongues if the Holy Ghost is not present? Why do some churches not have speaking in tongues and others don't Is it because of the presence of the H.S. in some and not in others, or is it because of doctrinal differences? [Answer]
  • Discuss what the Bible teaches regarding women preachers. [Answer (Part 1)]
  • What does the Bible say about women pastors, preachers, evangelists, teachers? [Answer (Part 2)]
  • Is there Bible support for local church membership? [Answer]

If you have corrections, questions, comments or suggestions about these questions and answers, please contact Leon Mauldin directly at leon.mauldin@gmail.com.

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. - 1 Cor. 16:13

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