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     Some believe the existence of dinosaurs poses a real problem
for those that accept the Bible as the inspired word of God. This
is really a case of an imaginary problem. There is no doubt that
dinosaurs did exist.

     The real question is not "Did the dinosaurs exist?". The
question is "When did the dinosaurs exist?". Therein lies the

     Informed Bible students are aware of the plain and simple
teaching of the Bible on creation of all life forms--including the
dinosaurs. Ex. 20:11: "For in six days the LORD made the heavens
and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them...". If God created
everything in six days, then everything was created was created in
those six days.

     Conclusion: dinosaurs and men lived as contemporaries on the
earth! Dinosaurs and men lived at the same time. There is no other
conclusion that can be drawn if one respects the verbally inspired
word of God. God said it; that settles it.

     Those who make accept the unproved theory of evolution insist
that dinosaurs existed 200 million years before man. This will not
square with Mk. 10:6; Rom. 1:20. (That they became extince 65-70
million years ago. Man allegedly evolved only 2-3 mil. yrs ago, and
was thus separated from the dinosaurs by approximately 65 mil. yrs.
of geologic time. In most public school, college, and university
settings, when dinosaurs are discussed, it is in the context of
their evolutionary origin, development, and extinction. Students
are told that these animals evolved from some ancient reptile into
what we now know as birds. In such a setting, it is commonplace to
use the dinosaurs to instructi simultaneously on the ancient nature
of the Earth and/or Universe. Because alomost all youngsters have
a fascination with dinosaurs, and because teachers are among the
most trusted of all adults, children often accept without question
evolutionary dogma and its accompanying concept of an ancient

     But does the Bible speak of dinosaurs? The answer is yes.
Consider Job 40:15-24 (see NIV).
     What is the "behemoth" creature?  He "moveth his tail like a
cedar." This speaks of a massive, long tail. Did you ever see the
tails of either the elephant or the hippo? These have a short, slim

     A hippo weighs 4 tons. Some have argued that it is an elephant
or hippopotamus. But the text says he is the "chief (largest) of
the ways of God." Hippos at full size are 7 ft. high. Elephants
were twice as tall, but still dwarfed by dinosaurs that reached
heights of up to 3 stories and weights of over 90 tons.
(Brachiosaurus stood over 3 1/2 stories tall, and weighted over 90

     But what about the fossils? Don't they  prove that dinosaurs
lived from 200 million to 65 million years ago, becoming extinct
long before man ever came of the scene? The truth is that science
bears out that the Bible is correct and evolution is wrong. Man and
the dinosaurs lived at the same time. In the Paluxy River bed near
Glen Rose, Texas, SW of Forth Worth.: dinosaur tracks were
discovered in the same stratum as human footprints. In recent
years, scientists working with bulldozers in the area (to remove
large overlying sediments) have discovered even more dinosaur and
human tracks. Dr. Roland T. Bird, paleontologist wit the American
Museum of Natural History in New York, went to Glen Rose to
investigate the tracks. Dr. Bird authored an article entitled,
"Thunder in His Footsteps" in which he discussed the Glen Rose
finds. He was not a creationist, and did not like the implications
of his find, once telling Mrs. Elsie McFall (a resident of the area
at that time) that if he were to acknowledge the presence of man
tracks in Cretaceous strata, all the textbooks would have to be
rewritten. Nevertheless, Dr. Bird was honest enough to state
concerning the tracks: "Yes, they apparently were real enough. Real
as rock could bee...the strangest things of their kind I had ever
seen. On the surface of each was splayed the near-likeness of a
human foot, perfect in every detail." The tracks were widely
distributed. Strings of from 15 to 23 right-left tracks have been

     What happened to them. There is compelling evidence to
indicate that the pre-Flood world was much different thant the
post-flood world. Many creation scientists believe that the
dinosaurs survived for a time after the flood, but because of the
hostile conditions, eventually became extinct.

Conclu: Contrary to popular opinions, dinosaurs do not present a
"problem" to creationists. In fact, just the opposite is true. It
is the evolutionists who have the problem.

(Source: Reason and Revelation)

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