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Question: Can the existance of God be proven without the Bible?

A principle that is universally apparent: The law of cause and
effect. Every effect must have an adequate cause.
1. The existance of this universe. Only three plausible
explanations for the existance of the universe. That it is eternal.
Or that somehow or another it mysteriously possessed the power to
create itself. Created by a being both anterior to and superior to

     a. Eternal.
          1) Has been traditionally held by atheists. Rejected by
most scientists. Jastrow (Until the Sun Dies, 1977). Founder and
directer of NASA's Institute for Space Studies. Author of the most
widely used space textbooks. Looked on as most prominent space
writer. See quotes: 

     Violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics: "energy available for
useful work in a functioning system tends to dcrease, even though
the total energy remains constant."

     b. Self-created. i.e. the Big Bang Theory. Dr. George E.
Davis, a prominent physicist declares, "No material thing can
create itself." No material thing contains the intrensic ability to
create itself. Car/suit of clothes.

     c. Created by a being both anterior to and superior to itself.

2. What atheism offers is a deification of nature. Seen on most
nature specials. "Nature" equipped this plant or animal. "Nature"
designed this. What if instead we said Mother Goose, or Father
Accident was responsible? That would be as scientific as
attributing all things to "nature."

3. Evidence from design.
     a. House
     b. Watch--->watchmaker
     c. Ill. Isaac Newton.
     d. Human brain: 3 lbs. 12 bil. cells. Each of of which is
connected to 10,000 other brain cells. 120 tril. brain connections.
Receive signals from eyes, ears, sensory; Signals are transmited at
the speed of 270 mph to brain. Who invented the brain?
          Dr. Gerheart Gerts holds 50 patents on IBM computer. Came
up with most of his inventions by studying human brain. Said if we
could come up with computer which would duplicate all that the
brain could do, it would take a building the size of the empire
State Building to house it. If we understand that a mind to invent
a computer does it not stand to reason that it took a mind to
create the mind that invented the computer.
     e. Sense of morals. Why do human beings have a moral
sensitivity a tree/dog/ape doesn't. Why do human beings, if just a
bundle of evolved matter.

4. Anthropic Principle.
(Source: Wayne Jackson)

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