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Question: Please explain THE ORIGIN OF RACES.

     A human "race" is most often defined as a group of people with
certain features in common which distinguish them from other groups
of people. Currently there are three or four major races of
hujmans, as the word race is commonly defined:
     1. Caucasoid (55% of the world's population).
     2. Mongoloid (33%)
     3. Negroid (8%)
     4. Astraloid (4%; the Astraloid group is often known as the
Australian Aboriginal Group. Usuallly considered as a subgroup of
the Caucasoids).
     These races are distributed abound the globe throughout over
100 nations, and speak 3,000+ tribal languages and dialect.

Evolutionary explanation:
1. Genetic Mutation
     a. Mutations are rare. But almost all are harmful. Most of the
rest are neutral. For there to be a good mutation is extremely
rare. But the numbers in the population would have to get so big
that they outnumber those who do not have that trait.

2. Biblical alternative. Biologists: A species includes all
individuals that are capable of interbreeding and produces fertile
offspring. But this doesn't work very well. RE. man, one species,
homo-sapiens. Can all intermarry, reproduce fertile offspring. 

     Determined by the amount of melanin found in the skin.
Provides the body with pigmentation. Allows the body to absorb UV
radiation without damage. 

Three factors
1. The origin of man.
     God created man. Gen. 1. Very good. Man did not evolve over
millions of years. Adam was the first man (1 Cor. 15:45) and Eve
was the mother of all living (Gen.3:20). Acts 17:26. God endowed
man with variability and adaptability. Whatever racial characterits
we possess or those in time past have possessed, came from the
original genetic pool of Adam and Eve. There were no others. All
came from them.

2. The known historical/biblical facts. The line of human descent
passed from Adam and Eve and their descendants to Noah and his
family. Restricted, yet passed on through Noah.

3. Man's migratory pattern. After the flood, men had set themselves
against God. Refused to inhabit the earth. Dug down and weren't
budging. God confused their languages. This caused them to migrate.

Skin coloration agent melenin is controlled by two pairs of genes.
We can designate them Aa and Bb, the capital letters representing
dominant genes and the small letters recessive genes. A and B
produce melenan very well; being recessive, a and b produce melanin
to a lesser degree.
     Heterozygous condition.

     By dispersing linguistically isolated groups all over the
world, the Tower of Bable incident had a significant effect on the
subsequent development and history of mankind. At least some of the
differences which arose can be attributed to the various
environments in which the people found themselves. What if lighter
colored skined people went to the equator? Would not survive as
those with darker skin. Likewise, people with fairer skins who
moved into Scandinavian countries would be favored, since darker-
skinned people could not as easily produce Vitamin D and would
therefore suffer from such diseases as rickets.

     The races were produced in a very short time span, and the
racial variations we see today are merely an expression of the
original genetic endowment of Adam and Eve as carried through to us
by Noah.

Source: Bert Thompson (Essays in Apologetics, vol. 5).

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