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Question: What does it mean to have a reprobate mind?

DOKIMOS as an adj. both of person and object thus denotes a. tested
in battle, reliable, trustworthy. b. a man who is tested,
significant, recognized, esteemed, worthy. An object which is
tested, genuine or valuable; it is particularly used of metals, as
consistently in the LXX (Gn.23:16; 1 Ch. 28:18; 29:4; 2 "h. 9:17)

Adokimos, the opposite of dokimos, is used of persons and things.

MA'AS (TWOT.1139)
"Examination of some 73 uses of this verb reveals that men despise
the Lord who is among them (Num.11:20) and thus merit God's
rejecting them (Hos. 4:6).
1 Sam. 8:7; 10:19: Israel rejected God from being their king.

     "Wicked men do not despise evil (Psa. 36:4); they reject
knowledge of God (Hos. 4:6); the law of the Lord (Amos 2:4; Isa.
5:24; Jer. 6:19) the word of the Lord (1 Sm. 15:23,26; Isa. 30:12;
jer. 8;9); the righteous decisions of God (Ezk. 5:6; 20;13,16).
"God rejects men who do not listen to Him (Hos. 9:17).

Notes on Rom. 1:28:
Dunn: "And as they did not think God qualified for continued
recognition, God gave them over to a disqualified mind, to do what
is improper.

v. 27: "They were inflamed with their desire for one another>"
Males with males committing what is shameless: shameless deed.
indecent act NIV
All kinds of homosexual practice, female as well as male.

"Receive back": there is some emphasis on the reciprocal nature of
the transaction. Error: wandering, roaming....from the path of
truth, as in error, delusion, deceit, deception.
     In the Greco-Roman world homosexuality was quite common and
even highly regarded...

28) They did not think fit to keep God in mind. It was not simply
a case of humans being distracted by something else and losing
sight of God; they gave God their consideration and concluded that
God was unnecessary to their living; God as Creator with rights
over his creation. They discounted God as a factor in shaping their
     The mind which leaves God out of consideration, befogs its own
function (v.21) and disqualifies itself.
     Lest there should remain any doubt, paul emphasizes the direct
link between mankind's rejection of God and its disordered state.
It all stems from the basis refusal to recognize God. The first
clause brings out the character of this refusal as a deliberate act
of human pride and self-sufficiency.
Cf. Jer. 6:30; 2 Tim. 3:8; Titus 1:16.

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