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We hope you find this site useful in your search for Truth and salvation. We hope you will find things here to challenge, inform, encourage, uplift, convict, reprove, and exhort you. Please wander around and give us your thoughts on what you find.

What's New?

01/03/2022 - We are still kicking! Just... not very vigorously of late. I'm trying to plow through a ton of old updates that got dropped by the wayside. If you see broken info on here, please do let us know!

08/13/2002 - Data conversion is finished! Woo-hoo! There are now over 2300 congregations in the database. Next up: improved searching (including a search box that you can put on your site), and a better method of updating and correcting listed entries.

08/12/2002 - Data conversion is nearing completion. It's gone faster than I'd expected (and I've slept less than I'd hoped). I've added a Random Congregation link that serves no other purpose than that I found it amusing.

07/29/2002 - Well, it's begun - the long-overdue conversion of the flat-file, all-by-hand, text-only list of congregations to a spiffy new MySQL/PHP-based dynamic version. In fact, I'm slowly working (yeah, if you know me, you know there's more slowly than working) on converting the entire site over (this very page, in fact, is generated by PHP).

Completion date? No idea, sorry. There's a LOT of data to move over, and it's going to take a while. You can find out more stats on the church list page. I've been adding a little at a time, and little by little the spiffiness is indeed taking over entire listing.

HOWEVER - if any of you naughty persons are still linking directly to any of the state files, those links are going to break, sooner or later, because I'll be changing the file names. Your best bet is always to link directly to http://www.goodfight.com/churches/ if you wish to link to the church listings.

03/13/2002 - Added a few links to resources on Calvinism, as well as a separate page of links to resources on Premillennialism (and the normal updates to the list of churches).

12/26/2001 - OK, so it's been over two years since I updated this page. So sue me. (Just kidding; please don't sue me. :) Anyway, there have been some additions in that time, as well as continuous and extensive updates to the Churches of Christ Online list. And I've added a few links to the links page, as well as a new essay on Jesus' statement in Matt. 27:46, entitled "Was Jesus Forsaken on the Cross?".

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. - 1 Cor. 16:13

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