"Why the Trouble About Baptism?"

Why the rage over a little thing like baptism? It's not like it's hard to do, at least not in this country, in this day and time. So why?

It's because it forces a break with people that are loved and respected - that is, the momentum of memory and lineage carries people forward against their own judgment. But is that any way to determine truth?

Authority - How will we treat the Bible? It's really the (or "a") defining moment in any religious-leaning person's path toward submission, not to some of God's Word, but all of it, no matter what.

It is one of Satan's last appeals to our own pride and obstinance about our way, and our plan.

It is, after all, a moment where we make the critical decision whether to fully obey the whole Word revealed by God, or to partly obey some of it.